Past Projects

C-VU Apartments

Main Contractor: Scarbro Construction

A leaky building which was gutted floor by floor, re-clad and re-roofed. Lots of crane visits to lift building materials, all while people were still living there.

Office Max

Main Contractor: Macrennie Commercial Construction

This project involved lifting lots of tall warehouse panels and smaller intricate panels in the office area.

Southern Cross Hospital Northern Clinic

Main Contractor: Savory Construction

A classic office block utilising our cranes to lift columns, beams & flooring to erect the skeleton of a very classy building.

Waitakere Trusts Stadium

Main Contractor: Canam Construction

A tilt slab job in which most of the concrete wall panels were cast on the ground and then lifted from there directly into position. A great job to be involved in with lots of complex crane lifts.

Soma Apartments

Main Contractor: Federal Construction

Most other builders would have erected a tower crane to construct this 7 storey building. A very well planned, detailed crane lifting project, built very cost effectively.

Placemakers Takanini

Main Contractor: SMC Construction

A classic office/warehouse project for a high profile tenant. Efficient “bread & butter” crane lifting for Hi Lift Cranes.

15 Chonny Crescent

Main Contractor: Gibson O’Connor

A very large office/warehouse project that kept our cranes busy for many weeks.