Gear List

Man Cage

Crane lifted cages and platforms designed to lift personnel and equipment. Ranging from 900mm x 900mm 1x man to 4.5m x 2.2m platforms. All certified for safe use.
Available for hire.

Concrete Skips

2m² and 0.5m³ corbel skip
0.5m³ banana skip
Available for hire

Safety Bolt

Heavy duty drilled -in bolt designed especially for attaching props (braces) to concrete 18mm diameter x 110mm long. Approved and recommended for use to fasten props in Good Practice Guidelines.
Available for sale.

Corner Bracket

Heavy duty steel bracket designed to connect two precast wall panels together when located at 90º to each other, such as in a stairwell. Attached to internal corners with safety bolts.
Available for hire.


100mm x 100mm high density plastic spacers. Available in 1mm, 3mm, 6mm and 10mm thickness. Use shims to adjust precast units for level and verticality. Usually placed between the foundation (footing) and lower edge of the precast unit.
Available for sale.


Heavy duty steel channel (PFC) bracket designed to connect two precast wall panels together when located side by side, such as a lintel panel above a window. Attached to panel using safety bolts.
Available for hire.


1.2m x 0.75m x 0.75m mass concrete block. Weighs 1.6 tonnes.
Available for hire

Ground Anchor

Heavy duty steel plate designed to anchor into ground by driving in long steel nails. For use in emergency situations for very low precast panels where deadmen or floor slabs are not present.
Available for hire.

Pallet Fork

Crane lifted heavy duty device for lifting pallets of goods.
Available for hire.

Spreader Beam

Crane lifted beams are heavy duty long steel bars designed to hold two slings apart, converting lifting forces so the weight of loads is distributed evenly across the two slings. A large range of sizes and capacities.
Available for hire.

Horseshoe Bracket

A heavy duty, adjustable steel device designed to straddle the top of low (under 2.5m high) precast panels, to enable the panel. For use on architectural feature panels when drilling holes is not possible.
NB. For emergency use only. Not load rated.
Other fixing means should be explored first.
Available for hire.

A Frame

Heavy duty free standing steel rack designed for the temporary storage of precast wall panels. Able to be easily transported. Available in one size, 6m length, width, 2.5m x height, 600mm land each side.
Available for hire.